2. new work up for sale

  3. adamspuryear:

    It’s context week over here at FPOAFM: These hand shaped planters say FU to all of your favorite people-with your favorite tall phallic plant at the middle finger. We recommend an Andes mountain cactus. The accompanying Power Bunnies are made to empower plants, rooms, backpacks, offices, or you. @tricerastephie says naturally healing bunny energy can be used to raise your vibrations. Currently on view @madmuseum #madbiennial #nycmakers #sanpedro (at Mad Museum of Art and Design)

    A collaboration I did with the folks over at FPOAFM

  4. third eyes

  5. dream catcher

  6. bunny energy is the power that bunnies naturally give off and that you are able to use to heal yourself.These specific power bunnies are of a very high frequency so they may assist you to raise your vibration.

     Using them in any way will aid you, and having them on your body is extremely beneficial.

    experience  their posi vibes and view more work from  FPOAFM now through september in NYC at the Museum of Art and Design 

    and/or purchase here


  7. Quarter Moon and Shadow

  9. Worm portrait

  10. doxie tatts!

  11. p for pineapple

  13. carrot car

  14. happy bunny week!